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Who We Are

Hi and welcome to This Traveling Table!

We’re Kody & Ashley, a married American couple in our 30’s who love to travel (and eat).

We’ve both always loved traveling. When she was younger, Ashley lived all over the United States and in a small town in Germany while her father was in the Army. She moved every few years and developed a knack for adapting quickly to new areas. Her last year of high school landed her in Oklahoma. It was a natural step for her to attend the University of Oklahoma in Norman to pursue her degree in Linguistics.

Kody had joined the Marines after high school where he was enlisted for five years. This took him all over the world handling ordnance and armament equipment from Japan to South Korea, and even to Iraq. It was an exciting and exhausting five years, but, upon separating, he made the trip back to Oklahoma where he would attend college and begin setting down roots.

In addition to traveling, we both share a love for coffee. Ashley was a barista at a coffee shop where Kody would sit and study. Little did we know one conversation 8 years ago would be the beginning of a long and happy relationship.

Things moved quickly. Before we knew it, we were making road trips all over the states; even to Seattle, Washington to see Ashley’s parents – a 36-hour one way trip that we thoroughly enjoyed! We loved exploring our surrounding areas, becoming familiar with our state and country.

We had our first great adventure traveling to the Grand Canyon where the spark and mutual interest in traveling began to grow. The Grand Canyon is such a great memory for us. We made the long 10-mile descent down to the bottom of the Angel Bright trail, camped overnight, and saw the Milky Way from that deep, dark canyon. It was amazing.

After that, we took a cruise to Alaska to see Glacier Bay and orca whales in the wild. This was our first cruise together and we loved traveling this way. We soon made our way down to the Caribbean on another ship with Kody’s family over Christmas.

Life took over from there, as they say. We became engulfed in our academic and professional lives. Ashley graduated from OU and shortly started law school after a gap year. Meanwhile, Kody aggressively sought to build their real estate portfolio and finished his BBA. Time seemed to be passing quickly.

Ashley and her parents judging hard.

We made things official between the two of us in July of 2018, traveling to Seattle for a small elopement ceremony – just our style.

What a special day.

We felt like things were progressing well, but that taste of great adventure still lingered. Our journeys in the states were enjoyable and satisfying, but we yearned for something that would stretch our abilities. We continued to chat about our great world adventure – traveling to all those places we learned of in school and saw in movies. It just didn’t feel like it was time for us to settle down yet. But now we had even more responsibilities: a precious dog, Maggie, an aggressively affectionate cat, Porter; and we had grown our real estate portfolio to seven units.

Maggie and Porter

Ashley had also just passed the bar and was beginning her journey of running a solo practice. But one question kept poking at us.

Oh, the places they’ll go.

Could we actually pack up and go away with all this going on?

We could, and we did. In April of 2019 we boarded a ship in Galveston, Texas heading to Barcelona, Spain. We are currently 6 months into a yearlong trip through Europe and South America.

It took a lot of planning: financial planning, pet care, real estate management, and saying goodbye to family and friends. It was difficult and time-consuming. However, it has allowed us to travel with a lot of comfort and peace of mind.

One thing we didn’t do is sell it all. We knew if we sold everything it would it much easier to continue to travel, relieving us of a lot of responsibility back home, but that isn’t our story. We have too many close relationships, too much love for our fur babies, and we really enjoy our hometown. We wanted our life-at-home to be intact when we returned. So, rather than selling everything to travel the world, we have managed to both maintain our home life and enrich ourselves through travel.

It can be done with proper planning.

Our goal is to share tips about low-budget, long-term travel including utilizing repositioning cruises, creative financing, and taking advantage of opportunities for free accommodations. We’re also going to share recipes and our favorite places to eat at home and abroad.

We hope we can help you plan your own next great adventure. Thanks for coming along with us!

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